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India Katha – dance performance.

  Dance theater, based on authentic learning experiences at the National School of Dance Kathak Kendra in New Delhi. Magdalena Niernsee, dancer and choreographer, leads narration that combines personal memories and feelings with elements of technical of classical Kathak dance. Scenography create multimedia images. The construction of the first part of the show is a sample of personal expression. Is inspired by the spectacle of Contemporary dance as a form of lecture-presentation, in which the dancer reveals the secrets of […]

BOLLYWOOD semiclassical

BOLLYWOOD semiclassical – choreographed to the music of the great Indian cinema production, incorporating elements of classical Kathak dance (choreography from movies such as Devdas, Umrao Jaan). Classes in addition to the choreography, including the base of the Kathak dance, spins, hand gestures (mudras) and facial expressions. Group continuing, they can attach to it the person with basic dance experience. (classes on Wednesdays hours. 20-21 30 Indian Cultural Center and Sports).   Final performance of the group after semester 2014/2015: […]

SUFI Kathak – meditation in motion

SUFI Kathak (NEW) – choreographies based on the basics of classical Kathak dance inspired by Sufi meditation. The classes are based on simple elements, repeated intently to the constant rhythm of the music, learning spins technic and expression through gestures and poses. Choreographies maintained in the modern, minimalist style, emphasizing the simple rhythms and presenting the most beautiful dance poses borrowed from Kathak dance, illustrating the poetry of Sufis.   For inspiration:


Indian classical dance – Kathak.

Classical indian KATHAK – a court dance from from North India. Initially associated with Hindu temples, has been influenced by Persian and developed in the courts of the Mughal dynasty. To this day, combines themes from Indian mythology with finesse movements expressing abstract concepts. It is characterized by complex rhythms, quick turns, the subtlety of movement and the ability of storytelling through facial expressions and hand gestures.     Classes and workshops of this technique include: -Ability to execute rhythmic patterns […]