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Pokazy, lekcje, teoria, kultura Indii i podróżowanie.

India Katha – dance performance.


Dance theater, based on authentic learning experiences at the National School of Dance Kathak Kendra in New Delhi. Magdalena Niernsee, dancer and choreographer, leads narration that combines personal memories and feelings with elements of technical of classical Kathak dance. Scenography create multimedia images.

The construction of the first part of the show is a sample of personal expression. Is inspired by the spectacle of Contemporary dance as a form of lecture-presentation, in which the dancer reveals the secrets of the art, talks about everyday life, about training, without facades costume and makeup.

The language of performance is English with a strong Indian accent mixed with phrases in Hindi. The author talks about his Guru (Master) in vey indian style, introduces the techniques and theories of Kathak dance in an innovative way, and reveals the character of certain customs of the existing Indian dancers and students of classical art.


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The second part is a demonstration of the dance in three copyright choreographies depicting both the technical aspects and lyrical story.


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Duration: 45 minutes, plus optional – workshop with the participation of the audience – 15 minutes.
Premiere took place on 14 September 2014 at the Academia Theatre during „Czarna Offca” Festival organized by the Theatre Act in Warsaw.

To arrange for the performance, please send an email: magda.niernsee@gmail.com or phone +48 508 138 537


Photographs by Marta Rybicka: www.martarybicka.blogspot.com

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