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Pokazy, lekcje, teoria, kultura Indii i podróżowanie.


indian dance classes



WEDNESDAYS, The Asia and Pacific Museum, ul. Solec 24,
beginners group at 18 15 – 19 15h
practice open level, at 19 20 – 20 20h
choreographies, 20 30 – 21 30h
price: 1 group -100 PLN (4x1h), two groups – 120 PLN (4x2h), three groups -150 PLN (4x 3h) per 1 month


SATURDAYS, HAMSA Dance School, ul. Copernicus 30
time. 11-12 open level


MONDAYS, Bielański Cultural Center, ul. Goldoni 1 (metro Wawrzyszew)
time. 18 45 – 19 45 beginner group from scratch
time. 19 45 – 21 advanced group NEW recruitment
price: one group – 100PLN per 1 month
SATURDAY, HAMSA Dance School, ul. Copernicus 30
time. 12 15 – 13 15 – open level


Magda Niernsee, dancer, choreographer, educator with over 10 years of teaching experience, graduate of the Kathak Kendra Higher School of Dance in New Delhi. Artist performing in many artistical projects and concerts.



The Kathak dance is one of India’s classic dances. It has both a technical part – rhythmic and lyrical – telling stories using hand gestures and facial expressions.

BEGINNERS CLASS at 18 15-19 15h

In the beginner / workshop group, each month I will present a different items – e.g. mudras, rhythmics, individual technical forms such as: tihai, tukra, gat nikas, paran and short choreographies. One topic a month.

PRACTISE OPEN LEVEL at 19 20 – 20 20h

this is a technical training to which I invite both beginners and advanced groups (movements, turns, vandana, rhythmic combinations, building fitness and speed)


20 30-21 30 h (advanced group). In the plan Taraana and repetition of various technical forms 🙂


1 month pass:

100PLN – participation in 1 group (4 classes a month x 1h)

120PLN – participation in beginners plus practise group (4 classes a month x 2h) or practise plus choreographies

150PLN – participation in all three groups – beginners, practise and choreographies (4 classes a month x 3h)


Graceful female movements, distinctive hand gestures and clear facial expressions illustrating the lyrics, rhythmic music and colorful costumes – this is the essence of Indian Bollywood dance.

During the classes you can expect a lot of energy and a smile. The technique greatly improves motor coordination, body awareness and general condition. Eyes, hands, hips and feet will dance as they stamp out the beat.

indian fusion

How to move your neck, how to arrange your hands, how to use your eye to make Indian dance inspiration look authentic? What techniques are behind the incredible grace of Indian dances?

Classes covering the technique of hand gestures, body poses, facial expressions and eye work used in Indian classical dance and theater. As well as tapping out rhythms with the feet, turns and the work of the hands.

At a later stage, choreographies for world fusion music with different emotional tones, according to the NAVA RAASA theory (9 emotions)


PRIVATE CLASSES, WEEKDAYS: 9 – 15h, (Słodowiec), to plan individually

PRICE: 50 PLN/1h

All classes are conducted by Magdalena Niernsee – a dancer, traveler and dance teacher. She has been associated with India for nearly 20 years. She graduated from the Kathak Kendra national dance school in New Delhi under the supervision of Guru Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj. For several years she has been creating the music and dance project Natya Raaga, performs in projects for children and conducts original meetings about Indian culture and dance. Still takes part in numerous workshops with Indian masters.

Love to teach and tell stories about life and culture of India.

Her students has a possibillity to perform and numerous stages during indian cultural events.

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