Indian classical dance – Kathak.

Classical indian KATHAK – a court dance from from North India. Initially associated with Hindu temples, has been influenced by Persian and developed in the courts of the Mughal dynasty. To this day, combines themes from Indian mythology with finesse movements expressing abstract concepts. It is characterized by complex rhythms, quick […]

Harp and Kathak project

Interpretation of Salzedo’s intimate composition on harp through indian classical dance Kathak. Dialog between harpist and dancer expressing subtle nature of feelings and moods of the music. Extension of harpist?s hand gesture into dance movement and transformation of dancer’s footwork into melody.   Project by excellent harpist Małgorzata Milewska-Sundberg (Norway) and dancer Magdalena Niernsee (Poland).   […]

Kathak dancer, Magdalena Niernsee

„For me, dance means steady rhythm of daily practise and happy celebration of performances. It is the way to communicate with others, to express myself”   Magdalena Niernsee presents Kathak and Kathak contemporary fusion. Graduated from renowned Kathak Kendra in New Delhi, discipline of famous Guru Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj […]

Kathak – Bharatanatyam fusion.

In India people believe, that in all human being are both male and female by nature. In this choreography dancers tried to express this idea. In contrast of two different dance styles they looking for united, balanced form of being one.         All indian dances has common […]